Tank Inspection

Our qualified, knowledgeable engineers can inspect your oil tank installation and let you know if its up to spec. An unsafe oil tank installation can spell disaster, leaking oil is damaging for both the environment and your home - be sure to cover yourself by having us complete an inspection report on your oil tank installation.

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We service and maintain all types of oil appliance, and specialise in preventative maintenance when it comes to your boiler/heater/cooker. If there’s something not quite right with your appliance, we will diagnose and repair it quickly - getting you back up and running in no time.

All oil appliances need servicing to run safely and efficiently. Oil burners in particular can cause serious damage to appliances if they’re not running correctly.

Our services include a replacement nozzle (if required) and a full set-up with our state-of-the-art analysing equipment. So you can rest easy knowing your appliance is running safely, and to the best of its capability.

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If its part of an oil installation, we can provide you with replacements. Be it an oil storage tank, boiler, filter, line, you name it - we can supply and fit a replacement for it.

Our qualified engineers are trained to provide a high quality service, to provide you with what you need. All replacements of appliances/tanks and parts are installed to spec and signed off - so you know it’s done right.

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Tank Cleaning

We offer a professional oil tank cleaning service. Often after years of operation, oil tanks build up deposits of water and dirt, this is bad news for your oil appliances - fouled oil can cause serious damage and land you with no heating/hot water and a large repair bill.

There are many causes of fouled oil, including condensation, cap/vent seals and poor quality kerosene. If we spot anything that might have caused fouled oil, we’ll make you aware so we can repair the problem and prevent issues in the future.

With our specialised kerosene tank cleaning equipment, we can clean your tank thoroughly so you know there’s nothing in your tank other than oil.

All debris/fouled oil is disposed of in a responsible manner and is included in the price of a tank clean.

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Oil Transfer

Need your oil tank draining? We offer the oil transfer service you’re looking for. With our specialised oil transfer equipment, we can transfer the contents of your oil tank into a suitable container.

Whilst we’re at it, we’ll inspect the quality of your oil - if your tank needs a clean, we’ll bring it to your attention.

Base Replacement

Oil tanks require a solid base, with 300mm of base extending past all sides of the tank. If your base is inadequate, it could lead to a split - this is disastrous for both the environment and your home. Oil spills are also costly to clean up.

We offer a comprehensive oil tank base replacement service, this includes suppling a temporary oil container, transferring any remaining oil, preparing land, pouring a replacement base, transferring your oil back into the tank and re-commissioning the install.

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Oil Line Renewal

Your oil appliance needs oil to operate, so the delivery of oil to you appliance is important. Damaged oil lines can lead to expensive breakdown repairs and leaks.

We offer a full oil line replacement service, including filters, valves and de-aerators (TigerLoops).

We also install new oil lines

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