Is your heating system slow to heat up? Cold spots on your radiators or you have a noisy boiler? You most likely need a powerflush.

With our high tech, powerful flushing equipment, we can provide you with a full system powerflush.

Powerflushing has evolved over the years, with over-powered machines causing more harm than good on customers heating systems. Our powerflushing system introduces a powerful cleaning chemical, and circulates it at normal system pressures – this allows us to thoroughly cleanse your heating system without damaging anything with high pressures.

Our powerflushing system breaks down, collects and removes all the build-up in your pipework, radiators and boiler. Leaving you with a fast, clean and efficient heating system.

We will treat your system with a corrosion inhibitor to maintain the results of your flush, however, we do suggest powerflushing your heating system every 3 years or so.

We also offer magnetic system filter installation at additional cost, so your system can protect itself. Filters are serviceable by the customer, and are often required to honour boiler warranty.

Refer to our pricing list for more info, and to book in your Powerflush

Part Flush

If you have a radiator or two that have cold spots, they may need a flush. Contact us today for professional advice.