Gas Safety Reports

Our qualified Gas Safe Engineers can provide you with an annual gas safety report, so you can rest easy knowing the gas installation in your home is safe. In this report, we inspect everything from the safe working of the appliances, to the soundness of the entire gas installation.

We’ll also let you know if we spot anything that might cause you an issue in the future, this is part of the preventative maintenance service we offer on all our gas safety checks.

Landlords Reports

All rented properties are required to have a valid Landlords Gas Safety Record. These reports need to be undertaken annually.

We offer an extensive Landlords Gas Safety Report, including letting you know of any possible future problems as part of our preventative maintenance service. So you know your tenants are safe.

We provide these reports for all landlords, estate agents etc.

Warranty Services

If your appliance is under warranty, we can provide the services you need to honour that warranty. Often manufacturers require regular servicing and maintenance in order to provide you with your cover when you need it most, don’t get caught out!

Gas Commissioning

We will always commission any new gas appliances we install for you. This ensures your new install/appliance is ready for use and installed to the manufacturers requirements.

Incorrectly installed appliances can mean dangerous operation and invalid warranties, you wont get that with us!

Unfortunately, signing off installs undertaken by other engineers is not legal. Be sure to always have your gas installation and appliances worked on by a registered Gas Safe engineer - your safety relies on it!

Unvented Servicing

Keeping on top of the servicing on your unvented hot water system is crucial. As part of our unvented servicing, we test everything that needs testing.

Your unvented hot water contains various safety features and pressure regulating features that need to be maintained for your system to operate safely and efficiently.

We recommend these services being undertaken annually.

Refer to our pricing list for more info, and to book in your service.